– Visit the Côtes d’Armor-

350 km of coastline….welcome to the Côtes d’Armor


Once upon a time….the Côtes d’Armor…

Metamorphosed at the rhythm of the tides, behind each peak a new and ever more surprising landscape is revealed. Often sketched by the most famous painters, our coastal landscapes can be enjoyed without moderation…

So seduced ? No ! so let’s continue our romance……..

Thanks to the Ocean, this talented conductor sets the tone with his symphony of colours. It cuts red cliffs, covers beaches with fine sand or pebbles, sculpts pink rocks and attracts birds. When he withdraws (twice a day), he discovers infinite spaces and lets men collect shellfish in the pools of clear water. And when he goes up, he watches the multicoloured boats attack the waves to draw their loot. Here, fishing on foot is not only a profession, it is also a culture rooted in the depths of souls.


So try it? it’s not fiction! it’s beautiful and well “Les Côtes d’Armor”, after such a beautiful story, the best way to confirm it is to let yourself be seduced and come and enjoy this beautiful part of Brittany….

– Les Côtes d’Armor is also about fishing on foot –

Enjoy a good breath of Breton air, and enjoy the treasures nature has to offer!


So put on your boots, equip yourself with your bucket and your ruler (important! for a responsible harvest). But before leaving…… to avoid unpleasant surprises, check the tide schedules: click here

Tips for a good fishing:

Knife fishing: the best known method is to put salt in the small eight-shaped holes on the sand, the knife will come to the surface and if you are fast, you can pick it up.

Sizes to respect: click here

You will enjoy tourism in the coasts of Armor around the campsite Le Neptune near Paimpol and Ile Bréhat, in Brittany