Practical information

If, despite all the information provided above, you still don’t have the answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail: or by phone: 00332 96 22 33 35.

We’ll be pleased to inform you, and if by chance you come across the melodious voice of our answering machine (as we are sometimes on the move), do not hesitate to leave us your message, we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

** To subscribe to the cancellation insurance, we are a partner of the FFCC (French Federation of Camping and Caravaning), you just have to print the document and send your request and payment to the address indicated on this document. This document must be returned as soon as you have made your reservation.

** If you wish to visit our magnificent Côte en vélo, it’s a very good idea! Please note that we use an external service provider, so it’s best to book your bikes in advance, which is why, when you make your reservation at Le Neptune, take the opportunity to reserve your bikes.

☘ Our campsite is also very sensitive to its environment, it doesn’t have a label but “common sense”, we’re very “on horseback”, on the sorting of waste, we limit as much as possible the packaging, the consumption of paper ♻. We’re sensitive to the products used for the maintenance of our campsite, these products are labelled out of respect for our environment and our health. We do our utmost to limit our energy expenditure (solar lamps, motion detectors…), we use bicycles to move around the campsite (it’s good for the thighs…), and our pets participate fully and with great enthusiasm! We aren’t in the extreme, but let’s be careful, it’s common sense!