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Campsite near Bréhat

Flower Island

Very close to the campsite in Plouha, a few kilometres from Paimpol: the island of Bréhat.

Worthy of a postcard, a discovery out of the ordinary.  The island of Bréhat is an invitation to travel. Go and discover an exceptional setting:

  • Exotic plants
  • Rocks
  • Turquoise sea
  • Fine sand
  • Juniper trees
  • Lighthouses
  • Mill.

For artists passionate about photography, painting… the island of Bréhat is a beautiful source of inspiration. Sketch unpublished paintings, only a few minutes from the Bréhat campsite.

Ideal campsite to stay in Brehat

You wish to visit the island of Bréhat.

Rent your Mobile Home, your chalet or your pitch in a calm, family and friendly camping site.

As soon as the campsite opens, we offer the same services as in high season (grocery shop, bar and snack bar). And above all! we reserve you a warm welcome, friendly and all smiles (it’s obvious!).

We are also here to help you organise this wonderful day.  If you have not booked your tickets before your arrival, we will give you advice on where to collect your tickets for the crossing.

If you wish to hire bicycles on the island, we can provide you with the contact details of local hire companies. Tip: it is less expensive to rent a bike on the island than to take your own bike on the boat.

Take advantage of your stay at camping Bréhat to discover the island.

This little nugget, is located only 20 minutes (by car) from the campsite. As soon as you arrive on the Pointe de l’Arcouest (north of Paimpol), you will be charmed by this colourful panoramic view.

Only 10 minutes by boat, and you will be bewitched by the beauty of this island called “the island of flowers” . Many varieties of flowers bloom, in this mild micro-climate atmosphere, influenced by the Golf Stream.

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Discover the Island of Flowers: better known as the Island of Bréhat

You are looking for a total change of scenery, close to the campsite Le Neptune.  Take the direction of Paimpol, embark at the Pointe d’ l’Arcouest, direction the island of Bréhat.

Our opinion: a little trip not to be missed during your stay in the Côtes d’Armor.

You will experience a real immersion in a colourful land. Ideal for walkers to discover paradise.

Bréhat is renowned for its floral diversity, as well as its landscaped paths.

When spring arrives (the ideal time, to avoid the crowds), you will be welcomed to Brehat by a magnificent colourful palette and its floral scents.

The island of Bréhat has 470 inhabitants in winter and 5000 in summer…

Discover this beautiful little island of 3.5 km by 1.5 km.

Because of its relatively mild climate, due to the influence of the Golf Stream, it is also called the Flower Island. Thanks to this climate, you will discover a wide variety of flowers and plants. Varieties that you would not expect to find in the north of Brittany.

This subtle mix between the granite and this floral diversity, make it a colourful canvas.

For the little story…

The island of Brehat is also, and above all, a maritime history. But also, a military history, which has deposited its imprint from the Middle Ages, or many privateers reigned terror in the Channel.

The Port de la Corderie: a rallying point for the departures of a squadron of Terre-Neuvas, bound for the Icelandic seas, for cod fishing.

To know….

The island of Brehat comprises 2 main islands linked by the Ar Prat bridge:

  • The South island: in keeping with its reputation, this is the part of the island with the most flowers. You will discover on the one hand, a variety of plants and flowers such as palm trees, mimosas without forgetting the one that symbolizes the island: the Agapanthus. There are also many exotic species such as the agave and the echium. It is also in this part of the island that you will find the attractive “core”: a small village animated by its small shops, bars and restaurants.
  • The North Island: a total change of scenery. Far from the crowds, this part of the island is much wilder and deserted. TheNorth Island is covered in moorland. As soon as you see the Peacock Lighthouse come into view, you will have reached the end of the island and can admire the immensity of the sea.

You will have a panoramic view of the various small islands scattered around the island of Brehat.

For your visit, the places not to miss….

  • The port of the Corderie.
  • The Birlot tidal mill. Its name is explained by the fact that this mill operated at the rhythm of the tides for the production of its flour. Moreover, in season, you will be welcomed to participate in the milling.
  • In the Citadel, come and visit Les Verreries de Bréhat. Created by Yves Neumager in 1998. Admire the knowledge and creativity of glassblowers.
  • Please bring your swimming costumes, the transparency of the sea is often tempting….

For info:

  • The island of Brehat is only done on foot, by bike or why not by tractor (and yes!).
  • Dogs are welcome. They must be kept on a leash.
  • There are no cash machines on the island.
  • To avoid damaging the trails, walking sticks with metal tips, are prohibited.

Our Travel Guide:

To go to the island of Brehat, a stone’s throw from the camping on the Pink Granite Coast.

There are two possibilities:

  • Les Vedettes de Bréhat: information and reservations online.
  • Autour de Bréhat: to visit the island in a different way, a fun and participative excursion in small groups, information and booking.

To learn more about the island of Brehat.

The surroundings of the campsite in Bréhat