Because finding activities for children during the holidays isn’t always easy, Le Neptune offers…

Each week during the high season, the children will meet and play during the activities : treasure hunt, paper chase, or painting activities… 


Sports Initiations

For the older children, from july, there will be sporting events supervised by professionals (B2F animations): electric skateboarding, Bubble foot, archery.

Archery with the association “Les Archers d’Armor”, dedicated to an unlimited passion, not only will our archers introduce you to archery techniques, but they will also take you to the heart of its history from the time Robin Hood and his men ruled the Sherwood Forest to today…

For the little ones… Hugo, Alex or Romane will be there to organize: treasure hunting, Breton games (Old Bowling, Boultenn, Pucks…), sports tournaments…

The C’hoarioù Treger association will introduce your children to the Breton Traditional Games.

Moreover, this initiation is also offered to the greatest!

Because knowing how to swim is important ! This year again, Leïla will be there (July, August waiting), to teach your children to swim, so enjoy your holidays… you can register now (to return with your reservation) by clicking here: registration.

Creative workshops

Artistic workshops are offered to your children twice a week, Maëlle will be happy to lead these workshops where children can express their talents as young artists.

Multisports field:

Foot, handball or basketball, whatever the activity chosen, the goal is to have a good time with friends.

The playground for children

A beautiful playground for children, “Kahutte”, turnstile … On the playground completely redone, the little ones have fun in complete safety.